About Us

Mission Statement

RxRefill.net offers state of the art prescription refill services designed to maximize pharmacy productivity while allowing customers convenient refill access nationwide.

RxRefill.net provides pharmacies of all sizes with an advantage to compete within today's market. With the rising popularity of computers and cellular phones, we supply the tools to service both call-in and on-line refills.

Contact us for information about our company and discovery how we can help you and your pharmacy grow with the future, while bringing convenience and technology to your customers.

What RxRefill.net Can Do For You

We offer the capability of allowing customers to log onto the internet and send the prescription refill request through our homepage, which is then processed and sent to your store.

We have recently added a simple to use toll-free service which incorporates the latest in IVR (integrated voice response) technology and allows your customers to call a toll-free number and enter their prescriptions.

We then process the order and send to your store within minutes after the caller hangs up. Focusing on customer service and satisfaction, we realize the importance of a family pharmacy's relationship with their customers.

We offer you the option to leave your own personal greeting in our system, so that when your customer calls to send a refill request, they are greeted with that familiar voice.

With the recent introduction of HIPPA, we realized that posting information has become a great asset and tool to reach a wide market. We offer your drugstore the ability to have a webpage, where we let you choose the style and layout and make changes at any time. This is a great tool for posting your HIPPA guidelines and products in your store that customers and business's can view anytime.

We offer all stores a map page that displays directions to your store and your store's central location. Keeping in touch with your pharmacist is a valuable tool if you are on the go a lot, so we have made it easy for your customers to send email to your store, all from our homepage.